Blood Banks Module

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  • Microsoft .NET Core
  • NHibernate
  • Microsoft SQL
  • NVelocity
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
Client Name:

National Center for Disease Control and Public Health

Launch Project

Blood donors, as well as providers that perform transfusions are registered in the unified electronic database of donors. With the help of this system,under the regulated process blood banks do not get infected donors in the database. 

Case Study

Donor database integrated with STOP -C, LIMS, AIDs Base center and stock module. There are validations which does not allow blood banks to accept and register defective donors for donation. 

Blood banks register donors, donations, infections and their blood-made components.  The  components are automatically transferred into the electronic module for the stock and supplies.  Components are issued and with drawn through the electronic database of supplies (stock module).

 By registering in the donor and recipient system the information is easily investigated and used for the follow-up process. 

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