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  • Microsoft SQL
  • National HIS
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National Center for Disease Control and Public Health

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The immunization / vaccination module is a part of the unified information system of e-health Main Aim is to implement the programs effective, preventive vaccination and the vaccination process for real-time, within the program of services and related reporting obligations of the management process automation, which in turn provides the systematization process, transparency and real time reliable statistics.

Case Study

Newborns are registered in the system using personal identification number (PIN) trough SDA of Ministry of Justice. As soon as children are entered into the system, schedule of so called “immunization calendar” is generated automatically, which means future immunization appointments are generated automatically as well. When appointments are due, children are automatically included in the monthly plan of the responsible health centers. Software accordingly generates monthly list of children due for immunization and automatically sends reminders to parents by short message service (SMS) a few days before immunization day. Monthly plan gives possibility to calculate the total number of vaccine doses required, and this information helps nurses to determine the right vaccine quantities to order. After immunization, health care worker updates system record for each vaccinated child. As soon as information is uploaded in to the information system, authorized users on national level can access it.  Practice shows, that SMS reminder for parents is helpful, as more children receive their vaccination on time.

System Connections;

- Service development agency of Ministry of Justice
- eHealth Birth Registry System
- eHealth Financing Billing Module
- Vital Registration System
- Warehouse Management Module

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